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Our Services

At Tudor Fox, we offer a comprehensive range of services from the traditional 'Bailiff' to specialist legal support and a broad range of management and property services.  We are experts at multi-agency and large scale operations where our abilities to plan ahead, strategise and deliver teams of professionals working together separates us from our competitiors.

Every job is important to us no matter how small or difficult it may be, we are always able to find

a workable solution. Our goal is to be able to help our clients resolve any disputes, debts or issues that their clients are experiencing quickly and efficiently.   We never sub-contract any task and remain in charge and responsible at every stage we are involved in.

We pride ourselves in working collaboratively with our clients, delivering by working with the most experienced people who all follow our high standards and values, resulting in us always providing a best in class service. 

Debt Collection
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Debt Collection

Our commercial debt collection recovery service is professional, efficient and gets results. We operate across England and Wales supporting private landlords and solicitors who need dependable and trustworthy partners that are legally qualified to collect on their behalf.

We operate with fully certificated enforcement agents and in association with authorised High Court enforcement associates as needed.

We take control of the debt recovery process, working transparently and keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our debt collection services include:

  • Commercial Rent Recovery – also known as CRAR this is an efficient way for us to help you collect rent when other attempts have been unsuccessful

  • Service Charge, Sundry and Property Related Debts

  • Invoice to Invoice Debt Collection and Obtaining a County Court Judgement (CCJ) and enforcing the debt

  • Writ of Control Service –an efficient way to collect through the High Court if a CCJ is ignored, with the assistance of our High Court Partnerships

  • Writ of Possession Service – helping you to recover your property and evict unlawful occupiers

Legal Services

Whatever your legal support service needs we have got them covered from process serving to asset tracing and asset recovery.

Our legal services support include:

  • Evictions

  • Forfeiture of lease

  • Fly Trader Removal

  • Traveller & Squatter Evictions

  • Livestock Removal

  • Abandoned Vehicles and obstructions

  • Residential notices

  • Personal Service of Documents

  • Regulated Service of Documents

  • Full Tracing Service

  • Corporate & Domestic Investigations

  • Intelligence gathering and evidence collections

  • Asset Repossession (From premises and heavy plant to fine art)

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Legal Services
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Management & Property Services

Our ability to provide solutions to problems as they arise for our clients has meant that we now offer a growing list of services to help them.  We aim to operate a "One Stop Shop Principle'


The list below outlines just some of the services we provide, if what you need is not there then still get in touch it is likely we can help you.

Our Management & Property Services include:

  • Asset Protection

  • Fly-Tip and Rubbish Removal (Licensed)

  • Hygienic Clean Ups and Hazadous Waste Removal

  • Master Locksmiths Services 

  • Boarding and Steel Sheeting

  • Anti-vandalism Appraisals  

  • Key-Holding & Alarm Response 

  • CCTV Installation and Motion Activated Monitored Cameras

  • Access Controls and Emergency Repairs

  • Fencing and Bollard Supply and Installation.

  • Security Guards/ Dog Handlers, Appraisals and Specialist Security Managers 

  • Insurance Accredited Void Property Protection

    • Void Property Management

    • Periodic Inspections

    • Reliable Utility Meter Readings 

    • Winterising 

    • Delap’ repairs and Letting preparations 

Management & Property Services
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